MAF security


For accidents, police, fire, EMS, hazardous material incidents,
and utility failures, dial 911 or (504) 257-2333


Security is vital to ensuring safe and efficient operations for the workforce and visitors at Michoud. MAF Security enforces administrative mandates and federal, state, and local laws to provide for a secure and orderly facility.  Security personnel are prepared to respond to manmade and natural emergencies to protect the facility and its inhabitants.


Responsibilities include but are not limited to:

  • Site security
  • Site emergency management
  • Badging


Chris Portrait

Chris Cambre
Security Lead
Cell: 504-257-1015


Visitor Badging Information

Visitors must request permission before coming onsite. Visitors must provide the following prior to visit:

  1. Visitors Name as it appears on driver’s license
    or government issued ID
  2. Work e-mail address
  3. Work phone number
  4. Organization

For more information visit the Visitor Management System and the Visitors and Tours section of MAFSpace.

Foreign nationals will be subject to Pre‐Visit Identity Vetting and Export Control Compliance (ECC), conducted and completed by the Center IVC And Export Control Program Officers.

Visit requests for Non‐Designated Countries must be submitted 10 Business Days prior to the visit start date; visitors born in or citizens of a Designated Country, High‐Level Protocol and foreign film crews must submit requests 30 Days prior.

More information on foreign nationals visits, including FAQ’s, can be found in the online brochure.

Badging Office

Lobby Hours: 
7:00am - 5:00pm
Monday - Friday

(504) 257-1268