Visitors & Tours

 All tours are currently canceled due to COVID-19.

Official visits must be scheduled in advance.

Thank you for your interest in visiting the
NASA Michoud Assembly Facility

Contact: Heather Keller


Please arrive for badging in the lobby of Building 101.

  • Please have an ID.  A state driver’s license or passport will be acceptable.
  • Dress Code: No Open-toe shoes, No high heels, No shorts, No backpacks, No sleeveless shirts.
  • Please be advised that picture taking is strictly prohibited unless the tour guide advises otherwise.

The NASA Michoud Assembly Facility is proud to be the host facility for your event. We take pride in offering a safe and secure environment to our colleagues and external guests.

MAF ALERT is an emergency notifications system that will allow the MAF Emergency Management Team the ability to contact subscribers with instant notifications via email and text messages to cell phones. Subscribers will get information during a major crisis, severe weather warnings and other potential threats to the facility.

Prior to visiting the NASA Michoud Assembly Facility, we suggest all guests sign up for MAF ALERT. Please follow the instructions below, if you have an issue signing in, please contact your event lead.


We hope your visit is both safe and productive.  Here at Michoud, we work hard to maintain an accident-free, injury-free environment and expect all visitors to share in this goal. Remember that this safety mindset begins with YOU!

Please take the time to view both of the following videos before coming onsite.