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Encompassing a total of 829 acres, the Michoud Assembly Facility is home to approximately 3,400 workers from 18 federal agencies and private contractors. Overseeing the day-to-day activities is MAF Facility Operations with a focus on an innovative work environment and maintaining the infrastructure necessary to carry out NASA’s missions.


Responsibilities include but are not limited to:

Site maintenance

  • Unscheduled maintenance
  • Scheduled maintenance

Site operations

  • Plant operations
  • Equipment operations

Construction of Facilities (CoF)

  • CoF and Local Project Management & Oversight
  • MAF Supplement Funding Project Management & Oversight
  • CoF 5 Year Plan
  • Project Management

Facility Engineering

  • Configuration Control
  • Design
  • Engineering Analysis
  • Architectural/Engineering Services
  • Project Management
  • Cost Estimating
  • Construction


  • Shipping/receiving
  • Transportation
  • Property Management/Tracking

Property Management

  • MAF Supply and Equipment Manager
  • Property Control Management
  • Inventory Auditing
  • Warehousing (Shipping/Receiving)
  • Government and Contractor Held Material and Assets


  • MAF Transportation Officer
  • Fleet Management
  • Motor Pool and Equipment Operations &Maintenance

Program/Project Support

  • Marine Operations
  • Program Critical Hardware Movement Support

Site Services

  • Trash, Vending, Cafeteria
  • Custodial & Roads/Grounds

Environmental Management

  • Hazardous waste management
  • Chemical management
  • Wastewater/storm water management
  • Environmental assessments
  • Air emissions management
  • Environmental training
  • Audits/inspections
  • Green procurement
  • Natural and cultural resources
  • Toxic substances
  • Recycling
  • Remediation (Coordination with MSFC)
  • Permitting

Health & Welfare Management

  • Medical Operation
  • Fitness Center

Industrial Hygiene

  • Asbestos monitoring and analysis
  • Chemical exposure monitoring
  • Material safety data sheets
  • Cafeteria inspections
  • Radiation Safety
  • Ionizing radiation surveys
  • Non-ionizing radiation surveys (lasers, RF microwave)

Site energy management

Site pressure vessel management

Outage coordination

Utility control system and building automation

Property Disposal Operations


Facility Lead

Byron Williams
Facilities Lead
Cell: (504) 257-2411

Facilities Team

Benjamin Ferrell
Construction of Facilities (CoF)
Cell: (504)257-1947

Bernie Zargorski
Construction of Facilities (CoF)
Cell: (504)257-0889

Byron Williams
Cell: (504)257-2411

Ngoc Phan Nguyen
Operation & Maintenance Management
Cell: (504)257-0018