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The Michoud Business Office performs the Project Planning and Control function for NASA, managing all NASA program activities and resident tenant occupancy at MAF.  The MBO manages the financial components of all MAF tenant projects performing work at MAF and enables mission success through effective fiscal resource execution.  The purpose of PP&C is to manage, assess, and improve integrated project cost and schedule performance, considering risk and technical content scope and mission objectives.  At MAF, where we host NASA, federal, and commercial tenants, the MBO manages and tracks the status of all occupancy related funding streams to support efficient execution of all facility operational and maintenance services offered at MAF.


Responsibilities include but are not limited to:

  • Manage, track, and report all tenant occupancy and demand financial resources
  • Facilitate timely resource availability for all operational and demand services
  • Integrate expectations of project stakeholders
  • Commit with technical subject matter experts and onsite operations service provider in facility project formulation when a credible plan is developed that covers three aspects of performance:
    • technical scope of work including risk
    • cost of work
    • schedule of work

Financial Support

For NASA space hardware production at MAF, NASA is required to develop an annual budget, and report to Congress and the public on its fiscal management and programmatic performance.

NASA’s annual budget request is subject to the congressional appropriations process which results in the provision of fiscally appropriated resources to execute our directed missions.  The MBO performs all budgetary actions associated with the Space Launch System and Orion programs residency and facility requirements at MAF.

For all occupancy related tenant activities at MAF, the MBO provides the financial services to allow for the provision of all operational and maintenance services performed at MAF.  This includes the invoicing and collection of occupancy revenues that provide for services performed by our onsite operations contractor, with the objectives of timely and accurate execution of all financial transactions required to initiate and perform facility and critical system maintenance projects.


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Doug Riser
Assistant Manager

Business Office Team

Gary Sexton
Budget Analyst

Maggie Snowden
Financial Management Specialist

Yessica Landry
Business Analyst