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The MAF STRAT COMM team provides comprehensive strategic research and analysis, communications, and exhibits services at MAF to internal and external stakeholders. The team serves to meet NASA’s mandate to provide for dissemination of information to the media and general public concerning NASA’s activities and results.


Responsibilities include but are not limited to:

  • Supporting the Office of Strategic Analysis and Communications at Marshall Space Flight Center.
  • Providing in-person tours and educating stakeholders on the current state of production, NASA mandates, long-term objectives, and history of the facility.
  • Communicating up-to-date and essential information to MAF tenants and workforce.
  • Responding to local media requests
  • Engaging local, state, and federal office holders through the Office of Legislative Affairs (Marshall Space Flight Center) and Office of Business Development
  • Liaison for stakeholders to assist in maintaining an efficient work environment.


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Craig Betbeze
Strategic Communications Lead
Cell: 504-419-5333

Communications Team

Heather P. Keller
Communications Strategist

Matthew B. Higgins
Communications Strategist

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Photography | Videography | Graphics

In keeping with its reputation, NASA provides state-of-the-art multi-media support to further its mission of increasing understanding of the universe and our place in it. To help us share NASA programs and vital workforce information, the Michoud Strategic Communications Team comprises highly-skilled photographers, videographers, and a graphic designer who provide visuals on Michoud’s current production and activities.

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