Gym Access

We are opening our Gym in Building 320 for limited use (8 at a time).   All access for everyone has been removed.

The process for getting access to the gym is as follows:

For existing Gym patrons

  1. Submit new NAMS request
  2. If you have a current approved medical access for gym, that will be confirmed.
    1. If your medical has expired, you will need to follow the normal process to get it renewed though MAF Medical
  3. You will need to sign the COVID Gym Agreement and return it to bldg. 320-K-2.
  4. Once NAMS request is completed your badge will be activated.
  5. You then reserve an exercise slot daily at bldg. 320-k-2.

For new Gym patrons

  1. Same as above with
  2. New patron gym orientation required
  3. Typically this is scheduled for Tuesday’s afternoon.\

Our primary concern is that people can exercise safely and not spread COVID.  All 8 patrons are responsible for the gym during their time slot.  Use of the gym is a privilege and will be revoked if we don’t comply with the rules.