IMPACT Satellite Needs Working Group (SNWG) Management Office – Cycle 3

The SNWG team continues to support two efforts to complete the SNWG Cycle 3 Assessment Phase. The SNWG Management Office presented the Cycle 3 solutions’ cost estimation roll-up to HQ leadership on 5/4/21 and completed all requested changes, which were approved on 5/12/21. The second simultaneous effort is assisting leadership with preparing the presentation for SNWG Cycle 3 proposed solutions to the Office of Management and Budget (OMB). The SNWG team has also collected and collated the progress on solutions funded in prior SNWG cycles as a status for OMB in this presentation as well. With each SNWG cycle resulting in an ever-growing number of satellite needs submitted by more and more US agencies, the team has been working to ensure high-fidelity budgets will be presented to OMB. These budgets must support managing the SNWG process and product implementation across the three cycles, as well as supporting ongoing data production, archival, and distribution that grows with each successful cycle.

On 5/17/21, the team presented the draft OMB presentation for review and comments to Karen St. Germain, the Division Director of the Earth Science Division, in the Science Mission Directorate. St. Germain’s comments will be incorporated into the final presentation approved by NASA HQ, and the presentation will be made to OMB on 6/16/21.

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