IMPACT Demonstrates the Algorithm Publication Tool at the Earth Science Data Information System (ESDIS) Science Investigator-Led Processing Systems (SIPS) Workshop

Inter-Agency Implementation and Advanced Concepts (IMPACT) team members Kaylin Bugbee and Aaron Kaulfus (ST11) presented progress on the Algorithm Publication Tool (APT) and demonstrated capabilities of a beta version of the tool to scientists and data generation teams at the SIPS workshop on 5/12/2021. The APT is a web-based application to streamline the authoring, management, and discovery of Algorithm Theoretical Basis Documents. SIPS personnel and their scientists collaborators are primary stakeholders of the tool and expected to utilize documents produced by APT as part of data documentation and curation efforts. In addition to publishing the tool to key stakeholders, this demonstration and resulting discussion provided key feedback to the IMPACT team for ongoing development efforts and generated interest in utilizing the tool both for testing and for operational ATBD development.

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