Imaging X-ray Polarimetry Explorer (IXPE) Optimization of Optical Alignment

IXPE Science Operations Center (SOC) team successfully completed required adjustments needed to optimize optical alignment, to maximize system throughput and to center the image.   The change required a final Tip Tilt & Rotate (TTR) adjustment in Tip, which was successfully executed on 6/6/22 with support from MSFC and Ball.  The Tip adjustment put the alignment well within the acceptable tolerance desired by the SOC.

The first target of opportunity, for a second observation of the X-ray black-hole binary source Cyg X-1, was approved. It will be scheduled for 6/20-21/22 in attempt to get a coincident observation with the balloon payload XL-Caliber, currently in Sweden being prepared for flight.

An AXIOS article ( published online on 6/9/22 mentions IXPE along with other X-ray missions. Two AXIOS writers interviewed Brian Ramsey and Steve O’Dell (ST12) on 6/8/22.

IXPE Launch rocket
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