Chandra: “Huge Rings Around a Black Hole”

A Chandra issued image, “Huge Rings Around a Black Hole”, was featured as NASA’s Image of the Day on 6/2/22. This image features a spectacular set of rings around a black hole, captured using NASA’s Chandra X-ray Observatory and Neil Gehrels Swift Observatory.  'The X-ray images of the giant rings reveal information about dust located in our galaxy, using a similar principle to the X-rays performed in doctor's offices and airports.  The black hole is part of a binary system called V404 Cygni, located about 7,800 light years away from Earth. The black hole is actively pulling material away from a companion star — with about half the mass of the Sun — into a disk around the invisible object. This material glows in X-rays, so astronomers refer to these systems as "X-ray binaries."

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Chandra Huge Rings around a Black Hole
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