IMPACT Science Discovery Engine (SDE) Team Conducts User Testing Activities

The Science Discovery Engine (formerly known as the SMD Catalog) team conducted prototype testing with select stakeholders in mid-April. Testers from four of the five SMD divisions participated in testing and provided valuable feedback that will inform the future development of the SDE. The prototype SDE includes data and information from the Biological and Physical Sciences, Earth Science and Heliophysics with plans to incorporate Astrophysics and Planetary Science data over the summer.  The SDE will undergo a limited release in May with a broader release schedule for the fall of 2022.

Kaylin Bugbee (ST11), Ashish Achyara (UAH), Emily Foshee (UAH) and Carson Davis (UAH) of the team, met with Sinequa CEO Alexandre Bilger and other members of Sinequa leadership on April 21, 2022.  Bugbee presented the vision and goals of the SDE project and the group discussed how Sinequa may support the project’s efforts to enable data discovery across the SMD. Version zero of the SDE is being implemented in Sinequa, a cognitive search engine, and represents a collaboration between the IMPACT team, the Enterprise Data Platform team (MSFC), and Sinequa. The team also attended a Thought Leadership Session On Building and Leading No-Fail Teams presented by Navy SEAL Rear Admiral Scott Moore.

Bugbee also gave a presentation and demonstration of the SDE to the Open-Source Science Initiative (OSSI) working group on 5/11/22. The presentation highlighted the first release of the beta SDE which includes data and information from Biological and Physical Sciences, Earth Science and Heliophysics. The demonstration use case highlighted interdisciplinary, cross-divisional search and discovery, which represents a new capability for NASA science.

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