SERVIR’s Service Planning Approach Presented During NextGEOSS Webinar on Inclusive Participation

Rebekke Muench (University of Alabama in Huntsville) gave a webinar presentation entitled “SERVIR’s Approach to Co-Development” as a part of the Group on Earth Observation’s NextGEOSS webinar, “Transforming Earth Observations to Knowledge Through Inclusive Participation” on February 22nd.  The webinar also featured presentations from Mines-ParisTech, WavEC, and the NASA DEVELOP National Program, highlighting different methodologies of effective co-development and co-design.

Muench shared about SERVIR’s Service Planning Toolkit and the importance of co-development in SERVIR services. The NextGEOSS webinars are a monthly series on technologies for the Global Earth observation community, with an intended audience including data experts, the innovation community, trainers, educators, researchers, and applied scientists.

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