SERVIR-Mekong/SERVIR Applied Sciences Team (AST) Hold Landslide Risk Management Training

SERVIR AST Principal Investigator (PI) Dalia Kirschbaum (NASA GSFC) and members of her team, along with  Ate Poortinga and Miguel Barajas of SERVIR-Mekong/Asian Disaster Preparedness Center (ADPC), led a training on Satellite Observations and Tools for Landslide Risk Management in the Lower Mekong Region, held virtually 9/20-23/21. Approximately 70 people were registered for the training, with stakeholders attending from Thailand and Vietnam, as well as from SERVIR-Hindu Kush Himalaya and its partners in Nepal. The training introduced participants to the Landslide Hazard Assessment for Situational Awareness (LHASA) system, as well as to related topics such as precipitation data and exposure data within the Google Earth Engine (GEE) platform. In post-training surveys, 96% of participants found the training very/extremely useful.

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