Flight Computer Simulator Delivered for the EUSO-SPB2

A Virtual Machine (VM) was developed to simulate the Gondola Control Computer (GCC) during the balloon flight planned for March 2023. This simulator allows the several instruments on the gondola to test communication interfaces for commanding and data telemetry from their ground support equipment (GSE) computer to their instrument computer, and the return path too. The simulator was installed by one of the telescope teams and successfully communicated from Ground-GCC-Telescope, and back. This simulator enables testing the several communication interfaces of the GCC without personnel physically traveling to the different institutions that are proving instruments for the balloon flight.  Payload integration is planned for June 2022 in Colorado and balloon equipment integration is planned for August 2022 for a flight from New Zealand in March 2023. The support for development of the Gondola systems being provided include MSFC and University of Alabama in Huntsville.

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