SERVIR Science Coordination Office (SCO) Joins Capacity Building Program Panel at NASA Plankton, Aerosol, Cloud, and Ocean Ecosystem (PACE) Satellite Workshop

Eric Anderson, NASA SERVIR SCO Associate Chief Scientist and Disasters Thematic Lead, joined Amita Mehta (of NASA GSFC, representing ARSET), and Celeste Gambino (representing NASA’s DEVELOP program), on a panel on Setting up for Success: PACE and the NASA Capacity Building Program, as part of the 2021 PACE Applications Workshop. The panel was moderated by Nancy Searby, program manager for NASA’s Earth Science Applied Sciences Capacity Building Program. Key goals of the panel session were to 1) introduce NASA’s Capacity Building Program, 2) explore societal needs and effective applications that connect and serve, supported by the PACE research community, 3) lay the foundations towards achieving usable, accessible, and actionable PACE data/data products, and 4) establish initial requirements for training, capacity building, outreach, communication, and stakeholder engagement.

In the context of SERVIR, Anderson presented application areas of synergy between SERVIR and PACE, specifically connecting to advances in air quality and water quality. He also suggested using a Theory of Change with applications early adopters to better achieve intended outcomes and impacts with stakeholders. 48 participants served as speakers, moderators, panelists, or presented posters at the NASA PACE Applications Program virtual event, which took place 9/15-16/21 and saw a total of 540 attendees.

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