Energy Conservation Links

Executive Order 13693 (Planning for Federal Sustainability in the Next Decade

  • Energy – reduce energy intensity by 2.5% annually relative to a FY 2015 baseline
  • Energy – installed advanced energy meters in data centers by FY 2018; reduce data center Power Use Effectiveness (PUE) to 1.5 or lower in existing data centers and less than 1.4 in new data centers
  • Renewable Energy – the use of clean energy (renewable and alternative) shall not be less than 10% in FY 2016 and increasing to not less than 25% in FY 2025
  • Water – install water meters on agency buildings
  • Building Performance – identify a percentage of buildings that will meet the Guiding Principles requirements. Begin designing and constructing buildings that are net-zero.

Energy Independence and Security Act of 2007

  • new construction to utilize 55% less fossil fuel energy than a typical and similar building;
  • install advanced natural gas and steam meters;
  • utilize solar water heaters; and
  • conduct energy audits on at least 25% of facilities annually.

Energy Policy Act of 2005

  • new construction to be 30% more efficient than ASHRAE 90.1;
  • generate or purchase renewable energy;
  • reduce energy consumption by 2% annually in existing buildings;
  • install advanced electrical meters; and establishes renewable energy usage targets.