Energy Awareness - Did You Know?

• a fully powered computer uses as much energy as two 60 watt light bulbs; the monitor uses approximately half of that power; computers were designed to turn off and on; and even with the computer off, ancillary devices such as speakers, printers and monitors are continuing to draw power.

Recommendation: Implement a program to turn off computers at the power strip as well as utilize power saving settings built into the computer.

• a one degree setback on a thermostat will produce approximately a 3% reduction in energy use by the heating and cooling unit.

Recommendation: Do not allow thermostats to be set too high or too low. This can be accomplished through education, programmable thermostats or an energy management system.

• it is a myth that it takes more energy to re-cool (or re-heat) a room than it takes to maintain a room at a constant temperature.

Recommendation: Setback space temperatures whenever a space is unoccupied.

• up to a 40% reduction in lighting system energy use can be accomplished if standard efficiency fluorescent lights and incandescent lamps are replaced with energy efficient fluorescent lights and compact fluorescent lamps. Not only will energy savings be accomplished, better lighting quality and color rendition will also be accomplished.

Recommendation: Retrofit the existing standard efficiency lighting system with energy efficient lighting.

• vending machine lighting is typically for advertisement purposes only.

Recommendation: Remove the lights and disconnect the ballasts in vending machines.