A2Research is dedicated to supporting its customers, employees, and communities with integrity and excellence. We strive to maintain a world class workforce that can successfully deliver quality products and services, using tomorrow’s technologies to fulfill today’s needs. The Science Laboratories, operated by A2Research, offer a wide range of services to NASA and other tenets at Michoud Assembly Facility (MAF) and Stennis Space Center (SSC).



The Material Test Laboratory supports the production tenants at MAF by providing acceptance testing for production materials.

Technical Capabilities:

  • Work to a variety of published test procedures including ASTM, AWS, AMS, Fed STD and MIL STD, as well as customer supplied test methods
  • Analysis of paints, primers, tapes, TPS foams, adhesives, solvents, etc.
  • Instrumental analysis via GC, GC/MS, FTIR, XRF, IC, ICP, UV, etc.
  • Process chemical verification
  • Imaging capabilities include digital and optical microscopy, stereo isoscope, SEM.
  • Viscometry, distillation, pH and Conductivity measurements
  • Contamination and failure investigation including particulate testing and gas analysis

The Mechanical Test Laboratory provides structural testing of products and processes of the MAF production tenants.

Technical Capabilities:

  • Force machine testing to published ASTM or customer supplied specifications
  • Weldment analysis via tensile testing to determine ultimate strength, yield strength, elongation, stress vs. strain, and modulus
  • Macroscopic and microscopic weld investigation
  • Fracture growth, fatigue testing
  • Specimen preparation and physical testing of TPS foam material
  • Force testing of composite materials, including short beam shear, Flat-wise tension, and Glass transition analysis
  • Adhesive strength analysis via lap-shear testing
  • Other material physical testing, such as silicone resins